Following my education and several years of work experience through which I gained solid technical, scientific and language skills, I decided, in april 2016, to create TSP Translations.


Graduate from the Superior School of Engineers in Materials Research (ESIREM) in France, I hold a Ph.D. in physical chemistry of polymers, undertaken at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and in partnership with the SEB group (french manufacturer of household appliances of international reputation), during which I studied the interactions between food components and polymers.


As part of my Ph.D., my vocabulary and my technical, scientific and language skills have been significantly enriched thanks to the bibliography performed and thanks to the numerous english-spoken international congresses I attended. 


I worked then for three years as a patent engineer and patent translator in an important intellectual property firm in France. This experience has considerably enhanced my language skills ine the field of patents.


Curious by nature, I follow with a strong interest all the technical and scientific progress in every field.


My skills, my experience and my knowledge allow me to adapt to your most complex documents and to the specific terminology.


Responsive and rigourous, I provide you a high quality, reliable and exact translation.



Sébastien NARSES

Dr. Sébastien NARSES

Professional translator with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry of materials